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Increase sales by raising the average ticket, and getting customers to visit more frequently
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Hit by the pandemic and online mega stores?

WayPay helps you reinvent your user experience to be more competitive.

With WayPay you

We empower you and your community with software that allows you to create your own payment experience
Save money
Accept lower cost payments without relying on cash.
Identify your customer
Get to know your customers better and increase your sales.
Offer more services
Add value with WayPay and FinTech ecosystem services.

Our payment software includes

Our payment methods are omnichannel: they can be integrated in the physical store, in the checkout of your website and your app.
With QR, NFC or barcode, from mobile or wearable.
Charge from your own app, our mobile Point-of-Sale (POS), or connecting your systems to our API

Account-to-Account payment. No middlemen. With WayPay money flows directly from customer bank account to yours

Tailored to your business needs

A solution that adapts to changing market conditions. These are only some possibilities.
The money is transferredfrom the client’s bank account to yours , through a SEPA transfer.
Instant issuance of preloaded payment tokens, which the customer installs on their mobile phone or accesses from their application.
Ideal for town halls, associations or business networks that want to promote consumption in their community.

Are you ready to win customers who buy more and more frequently?

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