WayApp Pay is the community way to pay

We empower local businesses, and their communities, with payment software that enables their own customer experience

Save money, identify your customer, connect to value-added services

Your own

payment method

License WAP to launch your own payment method. Zero intermediaries. Money flows directly from the client payment account to your business settlement account. EASIER, CHEAPER, FASTER.
WAP is contactless, completely digital, sustainable (no plastic card, no paper ticket), and a enabler of innovation in new sales channels and business models.
WAP is brilliantly simple to deploy and use. Each payment is uniquely represented by a dynamic WAP PaymentToken that take the form of a QR, barcode, or NFC chip embedded into any wearable.

Easy to get paid, even easier to pay

WAP PaymentToken

Accept payment by scanning your customer's WAP PaymentToken (QR, barcode, or NFC)

WAP CheckoutQR

Customer pays by scanning your WAP CheckoutQR from your mobile app, or their mobile's Apple Wallet (iPhone) or Google Pay (Android)

WAP Online

Take payments from your online or app store.

WAP Transfer

Customers can transfer funds between them.

A sustainable payment solution

  • No plastic cards

  • No paper tickets

WayApp Pay is completly digital and carbon neutral

Payment value-added


WAP automatically tracks customer loyalty (number and frequency of visits, revenue, preferences). Allows easy implementation of gift card, stamp card, and loyalty rewards.

Rollout new business lines

With WAP you do not compete with intermediaries (banks, credit cards) for your customer's purchase financing and insurance. Controlling payment makes purchasing models such as scan&collect or scan&ship easy to implement.

Pamper your customers

Your customers love WAP. Mobile payment with perks from a merchant they care (you!), They wear your payment card on a bracelet or any other shape you decide. Digital receipts and instant purchase information. No more long checkout lines, or no line at all.

Protect your data

Keep your customer information to yourself. Don't share it with payment intermediaries that aggregate information and profit from it.

Know your customer

Realtime information about your customer behavior and preferences.

Reduce cost

The payment is only between you and your customers. Save the intermediaries share.

Fast payment

WAP increases the speed of checkout by at least 70%. Another cost reduction opportunity by reducing the number of checkout lines, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Instant settlement

No more waiting for next day settlement. The payment in your bank account instantly.


WAP is the tokenization of payment. Built digital and secure from its foundation.

No carbon footprint

A 100% sustainable payment method. No plastic cards. No ticket paper.