About Us

WayApp Pay offers "the community way to pay"
Local businesses are in pain. Crushed by the pandemic and online mega stores. To stay competitive, they need to rethink the customer experience. But current payment methods do not help. They are inflexible and offer zero value-added. They are expensive, taking up to 3% of revenues. And worst of all, they do not identify the customer.
WayApp Pay cuts out the middlemen. Money flows directly from the customer to the business bank account. Local businesses save money, identify the customer in every purchase. And can connect to value-added services from a brewing FinTech ecosystem.
In a nutshell, we empower local businesses, and their communities, with payment software that enables their own customer experience.
Our payment software includes anLoren Ip open API, which is the secret sauce to our technology, as well as web, mobile and wearable client applications.
WayApp Pay is unique by not being just a payment method but focusing on a custom payment experience. And putting the local business in control."