Is like paying with cash, but from your mobile, easier, more secure, and faster.

There is no cost in paying with WayApp Pay

Register and download you QR payment card.

WayApp Pay takes the stage at the
BBVA Open Summit 2019

Register your merchant

Accept WayApp Pay at your physical or online store

Registration is completely free

  • No credit cards

  • No subscriptions

  • No commitment of any type

Get your POS

Four ways to accept WayApp Pay

There is a better, easier, less expensive, more secure, and faster way to pay and be paid

Download free merchant POS app

Full-featured Android Point of Sale (POS). Track sales in realtime. Email or print digital purchase receipt.

Add to online store

Customers pay for online purchases using their payment QR card.

Display "pay me" QR

Customers pay by scanning displayed QR and inputing the amount.

Add to existing billing system

Available SDK integrates to any app, and its REST API can be added to any billing or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

A sustainable payment solution

  • No plastic cards

  • No paper tickets

WayApp Pay is completly digital and carbon neutral