WayApp Pay is a payment network

Similar to Visa® and MasterCard® networks. However, WayApp Pay network is made by merchants that decide to accept WayApp Pay as a new QR payment method. Merchants can chose to issue their own WayApp Pay QR pass. Users install a WayApp Pay payment QR pass on their mobile's Google Pay or Apple Wallet, and pay by either showing their QR or scanning the merchant's.

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WayApp Pay is the tokenization of payment

Payment with WAP is fully contactless, easy, and FAST

Payment wait lines are reduced or completely disappear. Another cost saving opportunity!

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Merchants take control of payment

  • Reduce complexity and cost by eliminating intermediaries

  • Have instant access to funds

  • Online business inteligence and analytics on every customer payment (who, what, when, how much...)

  • Value-added services fully integrated and automated with payment: cash-back, offer redemption, purchase financing...

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Cashless and mobile payment are two unstoppable trends.

Ride the wave by taking control.

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Completely free to users

Merchants reduce the cost of payment processing. Can keep some of the saving, and pass the rest to customers. And enjoy a number of value-added services at no extra cost